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Introducing PassportScan

PassportScan introduction

A quick overview of our software and its features such as rapidity, smartness and design of a digital Check-in.

Auto forwarding scanned data to PMS

MySQL integration and its configuration does not require more than the interface shown in this video.

Steps shown are auto-scan, document-recognition and forwarding the data to the PMS in only 8 seconds.

Step-by-step guides

1.Search usual clients and create arrivals

In this video you learn how to search for usual clients in your hotel, or your hotel-chain Our software offers two ways to do that. Additionally we show how to create arrival lists.

2. Create groups (alternative method), create a family

Learn an alternative way to create groups and insert a group- or family leader.

3. Send data to the PMS

Learn how easy you can send data to your PMS. Complete profiles and fix possible errors.

4. Send data to the police and authorities

Learn how to send data and lists to the police and local authorities directly in the PassportScan interface.

5. Import arrivals from files generated by PMS

Learn how to import arrivals and lists, created by your PMS.
This allows to quickly find the customer and proceed directly to auto-scan and the signature.

6. Import groups from a booking website

Learn how to import single guests and groups from the various online booking-websites.
Create a group leader using two different methods.

7. Using the customized map application

Learn about the mapping service: Through the direct integration of GoogleMaps© you can customize or print maps and even show them on an optional tablet.

8. Using statistics

Learn how to create different types of statistics for the management, like arrivals, departures, privacy etc.

  FAQ ­ Frequently Asked Questions

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How to renew the license? Added by Davide Palo
Davide Palo
General License

To renew a license, please visit Login with the credentials received from us.

  1. Enter the menu 'Licenses'. You will see an overview of your licenses current status.
  2. Select your license/s and click on the button 'Buy Now' to renew your current license.
  3. You will be redirected to your PayPal account to complete the payment. Additionally an invoice will be sent by our accounting department.
We also accept bank transfers. This will slow down the license-renewal by 2-3 days, until the payment is received.
How to reset the license? Added by Davide Palo
Davide Palo
General License Instruction

To reset a license, please visit entering your credentials

Each of your licenses (serials) has a 'Buy/Renew' and a 'Reset' button to change its status.

  1. For the license you want to reset, click on the corresponding 'Reset' button. The serial-field will then change color from green to yellow.
  2. When the serial-field has changed to yellow, it is possible to reuse the license.
  3. Copy the license number/serial into the 'Activation' window of PassportScan
  4. Restart PassportScan.
How to reinstall PassportScan? Added by Claudio Cavani Yesterday 7:60 pm - 12.06.2014
Davide Palo

Before re-installing PassportScan, please notify our Support Team at least one (1) day before the scheduled date. This is necessary to reset the SDK license.

To update our software on one PC or all PCs inside a networking structure, Admin rights under Windows© are required.

See the Microsoft Help section: How do I run an application once with a full administrator access token?

Claudio Cavani
Instruction Hardware

The scanner is not responding, the red LED inside the PassportScan window (bottom-left) is on.

  1. Rightclick on the PassportScan interface and choose 'Close'.
  2. Disconnect and then reconnect both scanner cables: USB and Power AC.
  3. Restart PassportScan.
Scanner is inactive: Fujitsu fi65-F Added by Claudio Cavani
Claudio Cavani
Instruction Hardware

The 'Energy saving mode' puts the scanner model Fujitsu fi65-F into sleep-mode after 4 hours of inactivity.

  1. Open the 'Software Operation Panel' under: Startmenu » All programs » FI series.
  2. Choose 'Device Settings' on the left side.
  3. Disable or change the settings of 'Power off' after a certain mount of time in the options.

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