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- 2014-02-20 -

E- invoice

Click Here E- invoice Up to 4 signatures in a single Screen, With the display of 10 inch you can easily and confortably see the Registration Card, making all the 4 signatures provided by Passportscan in the same sheet. Signature of the Invoice and Forwarding through Mail. The customer can directly sign the invoice and immediately forward it to a mail address, directly from the tablet. Satisfation Card At the time of check-out, you can view a short questionnaire on the quality of the stay and of the treatment received. Promotional Videos Due to the size of the screen, you can effectively view videos with promotional messages, during the mode "rest." Special Requests During the check-in, the customer can add additional annotations, rather than choose among he services offered by the hotel.
- 2013-05-20 -

Update Tutorial

Click Here to see how to install the latest version of PassportScan
- 2013-04-04 -
the address url ALLOGGIATI WEB portal is changed in:

Click Here to fix it
- 2013-03-21 -
Coming Soon: E-Invoice Your guests invoice of their stay is displayed on 10 inch tablet. They can review and sign the invoice, and choose how to receive it (print/email/post)
- 2013-03-21 -
Now Passportscan is avaible in a Lite Version (Without the need to install SQL Database) Click Here
- 2012-11-16 -
WiFi PC Tablet for check-in with signature like: registration and satisfaction card, all PDF, invoices and special guest requests.


- 2015-06-17 -
13.06 - Fix minimus bugs
- 2015-06-16 -
13.05 - Improve integration with Galaxy Hotel 5
- 2015-06-15 -
13.04 - Fix bug check error istat
- 2015-06-15 -
13.03 - Fix but check update with admin right
- 2015-06-14 -
13.02 - Check error istat Fix bug AVE. special characther Fix bug Sent data to police pre chek information are correct with date Fix suppor with bongar New Print Arrival, stay, departure
- 2014-02-20 -
12.30 - 12.30 Compatible with TWain Scanner Fix differnet bugs