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About Us

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The PassportScan Group & Family

Over the past 15 years, our unwavering commitment to the hospitality industry has fueled the expansion of our product suite, all guided by a singular vision:

Attentive to our clientele’s feedback, we proactively anticipate their needs and stay ahead of market trends. This approach has enabled us to provide unparalleled solutions for entities engaged in ID scanning and management, encompassing hotels, casinos, financial institutions, insurance companies, money transfer services, telecommunications, car rental agencies, and beyond.

We extend our deepest gratitude for the enduring trust you’ve placed in us, which has been pivotal in refining and progressing our offerings.

PassportScan Check-in Revolution
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PassportScan is locally-installed document scanning software designed for the hotel industry to streamline check-in processes. It simplifies document capture, management, and storage using traditional scanners like Fi60f or 3M Scanner, along with digital signature capabilities on Wacom tablets. This solution addresses check-in challenges and offers secure data storage through a MySQL database.

passportscan cloud


The Cloud version of PassportScan, working with mobile device.

dynamic form PassportScan


Our basic plug-in to connect different interfaces and exchange data.

Self Check in PassportScan

Our Past and Present and Our Plans for the Future

In 1996, we introduced Galaxy Hotel to the market—a user-friendly Property Management System that marked our commercial debut. Fast forward ten years to 2006, during a live demo, we encountered a request that seemed fantastical at the time: the automatic reading and input of guest identification details. That very day marked the beginning of an ambitious journey into the realm of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, which could interpret various images and decipher text. This innovation birthed a pioneering plug-in for Galaxy Hotel, sparking the idea: why not expand this technology across all Property Management Systems (PMS)?

Our exploration led to the creation of DFF©, or Dynamic Form Fill—a groundbreaking software designed to effortlessly channel data from scanners directly into the necessary fields of management systems, enriched progressively with additional features.

The year 2008 saw the establishment of PassportScan Ltd. in London. We made waves at a tourism exhibition, showcasing how seamlessly PassportScan integrated with micros-fidelio© (now part of Oracle©), leaving their team in awe. This breakthrough led to a cascade of global invitations and presentations to PMS providers.

This innovation didn’t just create ripples; it revolutionized the digital check-in landscape. Now, hotel chains and developers worldwide are crafting specialized plug-ins and providing integration support for PassportScan and DFF. Our solution is now a staple in over 4,500 companies’ operations, and we remain committed to relentlessly enhancing and expanding its capabilities.


Meet Our Team

Passportscan Cloud is powered by a team of experts.
Davide Palo

Davide Palo

CEO, co-founder
Davide is the visionary force steering Passportscan, infusing the team with strategic insight and innovative energy. Fueled by a profound passion for travel and an insatiable curiosity for new perspectives, Davide is the catalyst behind our mission to revolutionize the travel experience through technology.
Massimo Palo

Massimo Palo

CFO, co-founder
Massimo, the financial maestro at Passportscan, navigates our fiscal strategy with precision and analytical acumen. Balancing the present with a forward-looking vision, he not only excels in finances but also takes on the role of our aviation-savvy captain, ensuring PassportScan sails through economic waters with confidence and security.
Alejandro Cancelas

Alejandro Cancelas

The technological genius behind our platform, Alejandro transforms ideas into code seamlessly. With over 15 years of expertise in the digital realm, he excels in cloud-based Microservices Architecture, Symfony development, Digital Security, and Compliance. Eager for challenges and constantly monitoring technological trends, Alejandro ensures Passportscan remains a frontrunner in the digital landscape.
Marco Magnani

Marco Magnani

Sales Director
Marco powers our sales engine with charisma and flair. As the driving force behind our business initiatives, he excels in forging successful partnerships. Marco’s passion for relationships and negotiation, combined with open-mindedness and attentive listening, positions him as a remarkable leader in sales. Beyond the office, Marco, a spirited traveler and adventurer, shares captivating stories that inspire the team, fostering a culture of discovery and open-mindedness.

Jean Perrière

Sales Representative in France
Jean Perrière works as a Sales Representative in France for Passportscan. With a solid background in sales and a deep understanding of the French market, Jean is committed to driving growth and cultivating client relationships. With his friendly and professional approach, Jean is always ready to offer support and assistance to his clients.

Unlocking the Power of Digital Identification for Streamlined Guest Management

Passportscan Cloud has experienced significant growth, expanding its reach and making a lasting impact in the industry. With our comprehensive solutions for digital transformation, we are revolutionizing the guest identification process.

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Increase in Efficiency and Security with Passportscan Cloud

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Enhance Guest Experience with Seamless Identification Process