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Kiosk PassportScan

Synchronization of Data

By using APIs and callback functions, it’s possible to synchronize customer profile data in real time between the PMS and the PassportScan platform, ensuring that information is up-to-date in both directions.

Integration PassportScan

Automation of Tasks


The PassportScan API streamlines hospitality operations by automating customer profile synchronization and document processing. This enhances efficiency, speeds up check-in, and ensures data security and regulatory compliance, significantly improving the guest experience.


Enhanced Functionality

Integrating PassportScan with PMS enhances functionality, offering streamlined check-ins, improved data accuracy, and heightened security, thus elevating guest experiences and operational efficiency in hospitality.

Integration PassportScan

Improved User Experience

Integrating PassportScan with PMS not only streamlines check-ins but also enables mobile check-in via iPads or smartphones, enhancing guest convenience by allowing check-in on the go. This mobility reduces paper use, aligning with eco-friendly practices and further improving the guest experience.

How Does PassportScan Integration Work?


Validation of Your Company & Product – NDA Agreement

Send us your request. Our team will validate your account asking for some general information about your company and further details about the product you wish to integrate (such as the number of installations, product type, markets of interest, etc.). After this step, you will be asked to sign our No Disclosure Agreement.


Technical Validation Process

Our technical team will investigate your company’s background and subsequently suggest the best integration for your product. The options offered will be that of either ‘external’ or ‘internal’ integration. In the case of external integration, you will be in charge of the development process, being supported by our team with any possible questions or doubt you may have. In the case of internal integration, our team will fully take care of the integration development.


Integration Agreement

You will be asked to sign an Integration Agreement per product needed to integrate. The integration process will not require the payment of any fee.


Integration Development

In this phase, depending on the integration type, the teams will communicate with each other to manage the development process.


Pilot on Customers

One of your customers will be chosen to be the pilot and to complete the testing phase of the product integrated.


Product Fully Certified And Available On Our Website

Once the testing phase is successfully completed, your name will appear on our website and your product will be fully certified and available to all our customers.

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