Sign Forms and PDF

Sign multilingual personalized forms and any type of PDF documents. The forms are fully customizable in over 120 languages. Create an unlimited number of forms and define unlimited consent blocks for guests to accept or deny before signing. Now, view and sign any printed document on a tablet.

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Customize Your Forms with Ease

The forms are fully customizable and available in more than 120 different languages.

You can create an unlimited number of forms.

You can also define an unlimited number of consent blocks that the guest can accept/deny before signing.

Consent blocks are automatically linked to PMS privacy flags.

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Tablet dedicated to the guest for document signing

This feature represents an ideal solution for reception areas, where it can be used for the signing of forms at check-in or for invoicing at check-out.

It’s also perfect for POS locations in bars or restaurants, where customers can review and sign receipts.

This feature involves the use of a specific tablet, on which customers can carefully review documents and, with a simple click, affix their signature, thus completing the operation.

When the tablet is in standby mode, images or advertising videos will be automatically displayed.


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Print & Sign on the tablet

Thanks to this new feature, it is now possible to view and sign any type of printed document on a tablet.

All you need to do from your PC or any POS station is to print to tablet and the document will be available for viewing and signing on the tablet.

Very useful for check-out operations.