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Welcome to the section dedicated to Marketing Guidelines.
This guide is designed to support you in representing our brand with clarity and consistency. You will find essential resources, practical tools, and key directives to ensure that every promotional material, campaign, or communication accurately reflects our corporate identity.

Follow these guidelines to create a uniform and professional experience, strengthening our brand and maximizing the impact of your marketing initiatives. Together, we can build a strong and distinctive market presence, maintaining trust and recognition among our customers and partners.

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Explore our brand's story, values, and mission. Learn how we strive to innovate and create meaningful experiences for our customers worldwide


Our mission is to simplify and secure the guest identification process. We are committed to providing comprehensive solutions for digital transformation, enabling efficient and secure scanning of identity documents. Our scanning technology and signature collection functionality ensure regulatory compliance and customer data confidentiality.


Our vision is to be the benchmark for digital innovation in the hospitality and check-in services sector. We aspire to revolutionize the guest experience by simplifying and optimizing the check-in process through cutting-edge technological solutions. We aim to maintain the recognition we have built over the years in delivering seamless digital hospitality experiences, inspiring confidence and enabling quick and secure access to services.


Our core values guide every decision and action we take:

  • Simplification of guest data management: PassportScan Cloud’s new features simplify the collection and management of customer data, speeding up the check-in process and enhancing hotel efficiency.
  • Data security first: PassportScan Cloud is committed to ensuring customer data security, employing advanced encryption measures to protect sensitive information.
  • Integration with booking systems: Seamless integration with hotel booking systems reduces the need for duplicate data entry, improving operational efficiency.
  • Additional functionalities: PassportScan Cloud directly interfaces with national governmental systems to transmit sensitive data to law enforcement and statistical offices, ensuring regulatory compliance and facilitating cooperation with local authorities.
  • Advanced data analytics: Powerful analytics capabilities enable hotels to gain deeper insights into their guests, facilitating personalized experiences and increasing guest loyalty.
  • Seamless guest experience: PassportScan Cloud is dedicated to enhancing the guest experience through quick check-ins and a range of personalized services, creating memorable experiences.

These core values reflect our commitment to delivering innovative and secure solutions in the hospitality sector, enhancing the experience for both guests and hotels.

Strategic Positioning

Our brand is positioned as a leader in digital innovation within the hospitality sector, offering advanced and reliable solutions for digital check-in. We differentiate ourselves through cutting-edge technology and a commitment to seamless customer experiences. Our goal is to be recognized as the preferred partner in hospitality, focusing on the specific needs of luxury hotels and international hotel chains.



Email templates, product presentation images graphic resources

Explore a wide range of graphic resources and marketing tools designed to enhance your promotional strategies.
Access high-quality images, logos, email templates, and product presentation assets.
Ensure a unified visual presence through our comprehensive collection.


Download the logos in EPS and PNG formats for digital or print versions


Explore high-resolution images and ready-to-use templates for your marketing needs


Explore our selection of colors and typography to maintain a consistent visual identity



Explore, Learn, and Connect

Dive into our Visual Marketing Resources section where you can access video tutorials, promotional videos, and direct links to our social media platforms. Discover in-depth content to enhance your marketing strategies and stay connected with our latest updates and campaigns.

Video Tutorials

Explore our video tutorials: master our tools and elevate your marketing strategies

Promotional Videos

Watch our promotional videos to learn about our products and services in a dynamic and engaging way

Social Media Links

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Collaboration and Communication

To enhance collaboration between PassportScan Cloud and our partners, follow the approval process outlined below before using or distributing new marketing materials. Contact the marketing team for clarifications or assistance.

Error Reduction

Follow the guidelines provided for using branding elements and preparing marketing campaigns. This reduces the risk of errors and avoids costly corrections, ensuring a clear and coherent message.

Market Adaptability

Use the tools and guidelines provided to adapt your campaigns to various local markets. Ensure that the brand identity is maintained even when customizing materials for specific regional needs.


Before launching new campaigns or using marketing materials, request approval through our internal review system. Follow these steps:

  • Submission: Send the materials via email to the marketing team.
  • Review: The team will review the materials and provide feedback within 3 business days.
  • Approval: Receive confirmation of approval or requests for changes.
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For assistance or specific questions regarding marketing materials, contact the marketing team:

  • E-mail:
  • Phone: +44 20 4536 7828