Distribute PassportScan Cloud Easily

The Distributor Portal is a new platform designed with a singular vision to empower our distributors around the globe.

How To Distribute PassportScan Cloud


Integration and Promotion

Ensure that PassportScan is integrated with your Property Management System (PMS) or app, and actively promote this feature to your customers to enhance their experience.


Encourage and Guide your Customers to Subscribe

Direct customers to our e-commerce platform, providing them with your unique Distributor Code to use during registration, which will enable them to link their accounts to your distributorship.


Customer Management

Utilize the Distributor Portal to continuously follow up with and manage your customers’ experiences and needs, ensuring a smooth end-to-end service.


Commission and Rewards

Earn commissions on each customer sale and renewal as a reward for your efforts in customer acquisition and retention.

PMS PassportScan

Discover Our New Distributor Portal

PassportScan Cloud introduces the Distributor Portal, a new platform designed with a singular vision – to empower our distributors around the globe. We are committed to aiding distributors in streamlining their operations and enhancing the satisfaction of their clientele. This platform is a testament to our dedication, focusing on what matters most: delivering quality, fostering commitment, and ensuring the happiness of your customers.

  • Customer Centric Platform: The Distributor Portal is tailored specifically for distributor needs, prioritizing the management of customer relationships and satisfaction.
  • Marketing Support: Utilize the platform to send out promotional emails and use your unique code to attract potential clients.
  • Financial Incentive: Benefit financially from every new sale and subsequent renewals through the commission system.