Three core steps. Supported by a highly professional team. A solid commitment to our customer. Completely secure. Continuously going beyond expectations. PassportScan makes everything simple.


Start the check-in process by searching a room number or by the first name/last name of your guest.
Ask your guests for their ID documents and start the scanning process.
You can use a traditional scanner or a mobile/ tablet. Data capture only takes a few seconds.
Enjoy a much faster and accurate check-in.


Invite your customers to sign on the device, ticking on the privacy policies and adding, where needed, further data such as the e-mail, mobile number, address, etc. Choose us for customer security, transparency and full control of their choices, fully respecting the GDPR compliances.


Data scanned is updated in real-time onto the PMS system or CRM, through API technology. Benefit from a simple process that speeds up the check-in process of your customers.

on cloud!

PassportScan works every day to improve the guests' experience and to fully respond to the latest market tendencies and needs.

One of our significant focuses is security, in how we handle personal data. Our decision, after updating our software to a full GDPR compliance, has been to move PassportScan to a Cloud platform. This has created a strong and secure environment where personal data can be stored. A strong influencing factor to this new approach was a hassle-free instalation process. We are extremely proud to now offer a product that can be used and managed everywhere, by any property, of any size, at affordable costs.

Our product is unique, offering features such as police data transmission, statistical generation, marketing reportings and much more!

More security,
less time


PassportScan simplifies your check-in process

PassportScan is the solution that simplifies the collection and the management of customer identification data. Download our app and access PassportScan with ease.

Eco Friendly

PassportScan Paperless Check-in

Stop the wasteful paper consumption by choosing a solution that considers the environment and reduces carbon footprint. Use PassportScan and avoid printing paper. Save money and reduce the waiting time of your customers. 


Scan your document reducing human errors

Save time by avoiding having to correct data. With PassportScan, you do not have to type data manually, thanks to the OCR and the Address Validation Engine (AVE) technologies. PassportScan always guarantees an accurate scan of the ID and a fast transmission into the customer profile, eliminating any need for manual data entry.

Make sure your document is included in our Supported Documents List, otherwise please contact us. 


When and where you want

Download and access PassportScan easily, wherever and whenever you want. Manage your check-in and guest data in just a few clicks.


The Cloud platform along with Data Encryption makes PassportScan an extremely safe way to process and collect your customer data

With PassportScan Cloud the customers’ data is collected and stored in a completely secure space, regardless of any problem that may be related to the device used to check-in. PassportScan guarantees a high level of security, protecting all the data captured through advanced encryption.


PassportScan cares about your first impression

Making a good first impression is important. At PassportScan, we understand that satisfying customers leads to a greater experience. You can put your trust in us.

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