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PassportScan Cloud: Innovation Showcased at 360 Hotels London

The 2022 edition of “360 Hotels London” is just around the corner, and one of the highlights of the event will undoubtedly be innovation in the hospitality industry. Among the many innovative solutions that will be presented, PassportScan Cloud is ready to stand out as a leader in modernizing the hotel check-in process. With recognition of over 8000 types of documents in seconds, a multilingual interface that allows guests to sign privacy documents in their preferred language, and a flexible “pay per use” payment system, PassportScan Cloud offers a comprehensive solution to enhance the guest experience and streamline hotel management.

Digitalization of Check-In

With PassportScan Cloud, guests can check in quickly and seamlessly. A simple scan is all it takes to recognize over 8000 types of identity documents, significantly simplifying the registration process. Furthermore, guests can sign privacy documents in their preferred language, making the registration process more accessible and personalized.

Self Check-In

The registration process can be fully automated with PassportScan Cloud. Guests can upload their personal data, including identity document images and a selfie, and sign privacy documents directly from a link or QR code. This approach reduces wait times and greatly simplifies the check-in procedure.

Pay-Per-Use Pricing

PassportScan Cloud offers unique flexibility. Hotels only pay for what they use, with no activation costs, maintenance fees, or licenses. Credits have no expiration date, offering excellent cost management.

Free Trial

To provide a taste of these innovations, PassportScan Cloud offers a free trial that includes 50 credits. This allows hotels to experience the product’s features directly.

Integration with Leading PMS Software

Another strong point of PassportScan Cloud is its seamless integration with major property management system (PMS) software, enabling the automatic transfer of guest data to the property management system.

Police Report Integration

Thanks to integration with law enforcement, PassportScan Cloud offers automatic forwarding of requested data to the state police. This feature is available in various countries, including Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, and Morocco.

Group and Chain Management

PassportScan Cloud simplifies centralized configuration for hotel chains and groups, enabling more efficient management.

Why Choose PassportScan Cloud?

PassportScan Cloud is synonymous with speed, reliability, and simplicity. The platform digitizes the hotel check-in process, improving efficiency while strictly adhering to privacy regulations, including GDPR. Thanks to technological partnerships and integrations, it has established itself as an international market leader. Regardless of the type of accommodation facility, PassportScan Cloud offers a versatile and innovative way to simplify the customer registration process.

This is the year PassportScan Cloud will show the world what it truly means to enhance efficiency and guest experience in a hotel. If you are attending “360 Hotels London 2022,” don’t miss the opportunity to discover the future of hospitality with PassportScan Cloud. Digitalization of check-in is the future, and the future is now.